Any minor under the age of eighteen (18) years in or upon any street, highway, alley, park, or other public place in the Borough of Womelsdorf between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. will be in violation of the Curfew Ordinance.  The Police Department is practicing strict enforcement of the Ordinance and all violators will be cited.


The use or ignition of Consumer Fireworks is prohibited within the Borough of Womelsdorf within 150 feet of occupied or unoccupied structures in order to protect the health, safety and property of the residents and taxpayers of the Borough of Womelsdorf. In no event shall Consumer Fireworks be set off after 11:00 pm, except on New Year's Eve which shall be no later than 12:30 am on New Year's Day. Fireworks Ordinance - Please click here for full ordinance.

Keeping of Pets

No use shall involved the keeping of animals in such a manner that it creates unsanitary conditions, noxious odors or repetitive noice disturbances for neighbors.  Dogs must be licensed and on your own property.  When walking your dog, please have it leashed and under full control.  Collecting and properly disposing of all fecal matter from pets is your responsibility.


Parking is prohibited by all vehicles and trailers in excess of 12,000 pounds, or all vehicles and trailers in excess of 80 inches in width.  The only exception to this is for loading and unloading in process.  Recreational vehicles and trailers may not be parked on Borough streets in excess of 48 hours.

Real Estate Property Transfers

If you are selling your home or apartment building, please note that the Borough has adopted an ordinance requiring a property inspection and Use & Occupancy Permit for all residential real estate transfers.  Applications for issuance of a Use & Occupancy Permit must be filed with the Boroguh of Womelsdorf Code Enforcement Officer no later than thirty (30) business days prior to settlement and/or transfer of ownership.  Inspection fee of $75.00 (per dwelling unit) must accompany the application form when it is submitted ($125 inspection fee if less than 30 days).  Approved inspections are valid for 6 months.

Rental Registration

Womelsdorf Borough, in conjunction with the new Satewide Uniform Construction Code and the International Property Maintenance Code, has adopted an ordiannce regulating residential rental properties within the Boroguh.  The ordinance applies to the renting of single family or apartment dwelling located within the Borough, which is being rented to tenant as a residence for a period of thirty (30) days or more.  The ordinance requires that the landlord obtain a rental operating license by following the procedures set forth in the ordinance.  The purpose of this rental program is to bring all rental units in compliance with local health, safety, fire and zoning regulations in effect at this time.  All residential rental units shall be inspected by the Municipal Codes Enforcement Officer on an every other year basis.  No person shall rent, lease or allow to be occupied any dwelling wihtout a valid and current Certificate of Inspection for the dwelling.


According to the Ordinance, the riding of skateboards is prohibited on any public street, curb, or sidewalk in the Borough.  The penalty for violating this Ordinance is a summary offense and a fine of not more than $500.00 plus court costs are applied.  All Police Officers have been instructed to enforce this Ordinance strictly.


For your protection, solicitors are required to obtain a permit before contacting any home or citizen in the Borough.  If an individual approaches your residence, request to see an identification card indicating that a permit to solicit was obtained from the Borough.

Street Sweeping

Our maintenance workers will be making every effort to sweep the Borough streets so that we can enjoy a clean neighborhood.  Please assist our workers by sweeping your sidewalks and curbs free of cinders and debris.  If you would sweep the cinders into the street gutter, the street sweeper will clear it away.  Residents are asked to keep clear the borough right-of-way so that our maintenance crew can sweep the streets.  This includes all basketball nets/goals on streets and sidewalks.  All the major streets will be posted with "NO PARKING" signs the day before that street is to be swept.  Please watch for the "NO PARKING" signs and move your car form the posted side of the street!  It is absolutely necessary for you to move your parked vehicles to allow the street sweeper access.  Those vehicles that remain parked in the "No Parking Zone" will be ticketed and if necessary, towed away in order to allow the street sweeping to take place.  If you plan to be away for any length of time and you must park a vehicle on a borough street, please contact the Police Department prior to your departure.  Your cooperation contributes to a clean environment for all our Borough residents.  Take pride in your community!

Yard / Garage Sales

A garage sale shall not include wholesale sales, nor sale of new merchandise of a type typically found in retail stores.  If accessory to a dwelling, no garage sales shall be held on a lot during more than 2 days total in any 3 consecutive months.  No outdoor storage shall be permitted when the sale is not in opertation.