Our History

The Womelsdorf region of Berks County, Pennsylvania was inhabited in 1723-29 as groups of German settlers arrived from the Schoharie Region of New York State. These immigrants had previously been granted asylum in England from their war-torn homeland in Germany. They were later brought to America as indentured workers to produce 'pitch' from New York pine forests for sealing the hulls of ships of the English fleet.

This region is known as the Tulpehocken, a name derived from the native Indian language meaning 'Land of Turtles', and given by them to the area.

Our town was laid-out by John Womelsdorf in 1762 and originally named Middle Town. The name was changed to Womelsdorf in 1774 and incorporated as a Borough in 1833 with a population of 750. Today as you will note on our home page Womelsdorf has a current population of 2599. (as of the 2000 census)

Our Sister City, Womelsdor in Wittgenstein, Germany has records dated as early as 1502. Origins of the family name may go back to the 950 to 1050 time period. The first immigrant from this family is believed to be Daniel Womelsdorff, who may have arrived in Philadelphia as early as 1723. John Womelsdorff was the eldest son of Daniel.

George Washington visited here on November 13,1793 as he was inspecting the progress of the Union Canal. He stayed at our very own Stouch Tavern which continues their tradition using an authentic colonial atmosphere.

Womelsdorf is full of historical land marks and history. To learn more about the history of Womelsdorf, please feel free to contact the Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society at (610) 589-2527.

Our great thanks to Earl Ibach for providing us with this and more great information about Womelsdorf.

Additional Details

( Taken from the Borough's Wikipedia Page )

John Womelsdorf founded the community in 1762, and named it after himself.

A Pennsylvania state historic site, the Conrad Weiser Homestead, is located in Womelsdorf; this site interprets the life of Conrad Weiser, a well-known 18th-century German immigrant who played a major role in the history of colonial Pennsylvania.

The Womelsdorf Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Womelsdorf is a borough in Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 2,810 at the 2010 census. The main thoroughfares through Womelsdorf are High Street, which runs east-west, and Pennsylvania Route 419, which runs north-south. U.S. Route 422 runs along the northern edge of town.

Notable people

Conrad Weiser, 1696–1760, built his homestead just outside what is now the borough limits.