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TO: The Residents of Robesonia, Wernersville, and Womelsdorf PA

RE: Trash and Recycling Collection - changes for 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
The Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments (COG) just awarded a 3 year contract to Advanced Disposal for trash and recycling collection starting 2020. Due to the changing conditions in the recycling market, there will be a sustantial increase in your trash & recycling bill.

County Waste will be performing their last recycling collection on Friday December 27th. All residents must put out their blue recycling can, even if it is empty. After collecting the recyclables, County Waste will then be collecting the cans. (which are owned by County Waste)

Before the 1st of the year, you will be receiving a new recycling can from Advanced Disposal. The new recycling can is to be used for recycling ONLY! If you use it for trash, Advanced Disposal will not pick up your trash and you can be cited!

All three Boroughs have updated trash & recycling ordinances that make recycling mandatory, that is why we supply recycling containers. The new containers will be gray with a yellow lid.

The following changes for trash and recycling will beign on Januay 1st, 2020:

Trash pickup in Womelsdorf will now be on Mondays

Recycling will be on Fridays for Womelsdorf

Recycling will NO LONGER INCLUDE GLASS. Residents who wish to recycle glass may refer to the Berks County Recycling Center at

The cost of trash & recycling pickup will increase to $89.00 per quarter

Limit of (4) thirty-five gallon bags or cans for trash

No bulk items or construction materials permitted

All shredded paper should be put in the trash

We also ask you to remember the following when recycling:

Please do not use plastic bags to put out your recycling: Only use the "New" bins provided with the YELLOW lids. NO PLASTIC BAGS PERIOD!!!

For the HOLIDAYS and SEVERE WEATHER - trash and recycling will be picked up one day later in the schedule in a week that has either a holiday or snow day before or on regular pickup days. Make sure you don't leave recycling out on Trash Pickup Days!

Other Questions regarding these services may be directed to your borough office or by calling Advance Disposal at 1-800-710-1333. Their website is:

Thank you,

Bruce A. Edwards
Chairman R-W-W Council of Governments (COG)


Trash Payments

When paying your trash payments through personal checking accounts or Bill Paying over the Internet, always make sure that your current account number is listed clearly on the check to ensure proper credit to your account.

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