Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments

The Borough of Womelsdorf utilizes the Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments (COG) to provide trash and recycling services to its residents.  The COG allows all three boroughs to combine their purchasing power together to allow for negotiation of better rates for services than if any single municipality negotiated for those services on their own.

The COG allows each of the three Borough’s to provide the valuable and much needed trash and recycling services to its residents while also trying to keep the costs of those services as low as possible.

The Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments (COG) just exercised the last contract extension option with Waste Management for trash and recycling collection starting 2024.  Due to the changing conditions in the economic market, there will be an increase in your trash & recycling bill for 2024.

The rate for 2024 will be $100.00 per quarter starting with the January billing cycle.

For the HOLIDAYS and SEVERE WEATHER - trash and recycling will be picked up one day later in the schedule in a week that has either a holiday or snow day before or on regular pickup days. The Scheduled Holidays are:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Make sure you don't leave recycling out on Trash Pickup Days!  

For more information about the Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments (COG) please visit their website at


Trash pickup in Womelsdorf is on Mondays

Limit of (4) thirty-five gallon bags or cans for trash

All shredded paper should be put in the trash

No bulk items or construction materials permitted.  You can arrange bulk item pickups with the service provider for a fee.  Please contact them directly or contact Borough Hall for more information.

Trash cans are not provided by the borough.  Residents are required to acquire their own trash cans.  All trash cans should have tight fitting lids.


Recycling pickup in Womelsdorf is on Fridays

All three Boroughs have updated ordinances that make recycling mandatory.  Please recycle.

Recycling NO LONGER INCLUDES GLASS. Residents who wish to recycle glass may refer to the Berks County Recycling Center at

Do NOT put plastic bags in with your recycling and please do NOT put your recycling out in plastic bags. No plastic bags at all with recycling.

Recycling cans are provided for Borough Residents by the servicing company.  If your recycling can is unservicable please contact waste management or borough hall.


When paying your trash payments through personal checking accounts or Bill Paying over the Internet, always make sure that your current account number is listed clearly on the check to ensure proper credit to your account.

RWW COG Members

Name Title
Brian Clements Treasurer - Wernersville Borough COG Representative/Member
Tony Wirebach Secretary - Robesonia Borough COG Representative/Member