Revered Residents

Womelsdorf Borough Council has a sincere and deep appreciation for outstanding contributions and distinguished service within the Womelsdorf Community.  The Council finds it both appropriate and important that esteemed parties who take it upon themselves to make a commitment to enrich and improve the lives of the people in the community, be recognized.  Acknowledging their selfless efforts, acts and outstanding contributions to the community is the least that can be done to honor their unwavering dedication.  They stand as examples and role models to others and their names and honors for their efforts to make Womelsdorf Borough a better community to live in, can be found below: 


Carolyn A. Edwards

Honor ResolutionDecades of volunteering at the Library and Pool embankment garden.
12/19/2023Bob MartinHonor Resolution20 years of outstanding service leading the Fire Department as Fire Chief.
12/19/2023Kirk HaleyHonor ResolutionDecades of volunteer landscaping & maintenance of War Memorial & the front of the Town Park.