Womelsdorf Borough Coronavirus Update - Information & Resources

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic the Womelsdorf Borough Council has taken necessary measures in response to the ever-changing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Below is a comprehensive listing of information relating to COVID-19 and operation of the Borough during this pandemic.

COVID-19 Important Information and Resources

Below is a list of links to websites with important and helpful information relating to the COVID-19 epidemic.  

In addition to the above information Berks County has opened a COVID-19 Help Center.  Citizens can connect with the Berks County COVID-19 Help Center:

  • Berks County COVID-19 Help Center Phone:  610-320-6150
  • Berks County COVID-19 Help Center Email:   COVID@countyofberks.com

Governor Wolf Non-Essential Business Closure Order

On March 19, 2020, Governor Wolf initiated an order to close all non-life sustaining businesses starting on Monday March 23, 2020 at 8:00AM.   Below is information relating to that order:

Support for Children/Senior Citizens
The following services are available in the community for children and senior citizens:

Conrad Weiser Student Breakfast/Lunch Program.  The Conrad Weiser School District is providing free lunches to Conrad Weiser Students Monday through Friday.  Breakfast and Lunch can be picked up at Conrad Weiser West Elementary School located 102 South 3rd Street Womelsdorf PA 19567.  The student must be present at pickup in order to receive breakfast or lunch.

Senior Citizen Programs.  Berks Encore provides various programs which includes Meals on Wheels, Grocery Shopping and Emergency Boxes to Seniors.  If you, or a Senior Citizen you know, needs assistance they can contact Berks Encore at 610-374-3195.  In addition if you would like to volunteer to help Berks Encore deliver or pack meals and emergency boxes please contact Rita Phillips at 610-374-3195 ext 225 or by email at rphillips@berksencore.org.

Womelsdorf Borough Facilities
The Borough Office (101 West High Street, Womelsdorf, PA 19567) will be closed to the public until further notice. Borough secretary is available via phone or emial to report a concern from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.  Contact Information for the Borough is as follows:

  • Non Emergency Borough Business: 610-589-4725
  • Non Emergency Borough Police: 610-589-5559
  • Report a Concern: Womelsdorfborough@comcast.net
  • Emergencies: 911

Borough Playground & Park Facilities
Borough Playgrounds & Parks are also closed for use until further notice.  The Borough cannot maintain/sterilize playground equipment routinely enough to ensure the safety and health of children playing on that equipment.  In collaboration with federal and state guidelines the Borough strongly encourages social distancing including for children which is the reason for the playground & park closures. In addition, some helpful resources available for parents:

Borough Meetings
Below is information regarding various Borough meetings:

Borough Council Meetings.  To proceed with requests from to the public/citizens:

  • In person attendance to meeting is limited to emergency/essential items
  • Meeting minutes will continue to be posted online for public review
  • Citizens may email questions/public comment to Borough Hall secretary at Womelsdorfborough@comcast.net

Planning Commission.  Meeting to occur AS NEEDED.
Sewer Authority.  Meeting to occur AS NEEDED.
Fire Company. Meetings to occur AS NEEDED and all trainings cancelled.
Library Board. Library will be closed until further notice and all Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice 
Recreation Board.  Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice.  

Borough Events
Below is information regarding various upcoming Borough events:

Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for April 11, 2020 at 3PM in the Womelsdorf town park has been cancelled based on the developments relating to COVID-19.  

Pool Opening is scheduled for Saturday, May 23, 2020. However a cancellation or change to the opening of the pool will be announced based on further developments relating to COVID-19.

Community Yard Sale scheduled for Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 7:00 AM is still scheduled however a cancellation or change to the event will be announced based on further developments relating to COVID-19

Tax Collection
Borough Tax payments will continue to be collected and processed.  Tax payments can be made by mail. Tax payments should be sent to:

Sandra Barnhart, Tax Collector
542 West High Street
Womelsdorf, PA 19565

Tax Collection sitting days/times still pending/further information will be posted closer to first tax sitting date of 4/17/2020.

The Governor’s Order relating to closure of non-essential businesses has resulted in Kraft Code Services closing operations.  Kraft Code Services can still be contacted at:

Permits will not be issued during the Governor’s order unless a waiver has been granted and submitted to the Borough.  You may still submit permits to Kraft by using one of the above methods.  

Land Development/Subdivision
The Borough will continue to accept land development and/or subdivision submissions.  To arrange drop-off of a Land Development/Subdivision submission please contact the Borough Office:

Zoning Hearing Board
The Borough will continue to accept Zoning submissions.  To arrange drop-off of a Zoning application please contact the Womelsdorf Borough Hall:

Payments can still be made in the payment box outside of the Borough Hall on the wall.

Thank you for your cooperation and please practice habits such as hand washing and social distancing to ensure the health of you and your fellow citizens.

Womelsdorf Borough Council